Monday, December 1, 2008

Exchange 2007 – Modify Default Managed Folders

Modify Default Managed Folders (i.e. Deleted Items)


  A company has elected to automate the deletion of messages within the “Deleted Items” folders based on a retention period of their choice. After the retention period for a specific message(s) with the “Deleted Items” folder, the message will be permanently deleted from that folder. However this will not apply to the Mailbox Database “Deleted Item Retention period currently enforced and users will still be able to perform the “recover deleted items” function from the client.

You can implement MRM (Message Records Management) within the organization to apply messaging policies in various scenarios. You can create managed custom folders in user mailboxes and apply MRM policies to these managed custom folders and also the default folder. You can then configure content settings for both the custom and the default e-mail folders

How to Modify Default Managed Folder (Deleted Items)

Method 1: From the Exchange Management Console

1. Run the EMC.

2. Expand the Organization Configuration node and then click Mailbox.

3. In the result pane, select the Managed Default Folders tab

4. Select the “Deleted Items” folder

5. Right Click and Select the “New Managed Content Settings

6. Enter a name for the Managed Folder Content Settings (Ex. 2 –Day Retention All)

7. Message Type Enter “All Mailbox Content”. This refers to the type of messages that this policy will apply. In this case anything that is deleted (Contact, Notes, Messages, etc.) will be deleted from the deleted items folder after two days from the day it is placed in the Deleted Items folder.

8. Set the length of retention period (days).

9. Select when the Retention Period starts. In this case select “When item is moved to the folder

10. Finally select the action to perform at the end of the retention period. Select “Delete and Allow Recovery”. This option will allow for users to still use the “recovery deleted items option” from the Outlook client.

11. Click “Next

12. On the Journaling options page, do not select anything and click “Next”.

13. Finally Click “New” to create the content setting.

14. Once it is created, click “Finish”.

15. After its complete, you will see that the Deleted Items managed folder can be expanded and that new content setting is listed below.

Method 2:  Exchange Management Shell

1. Open Exchange Management Shell

2. Enter the following command line:

new-ManagedContentSettings -Name '2 - Day Retention All' -FolderName 'Deleted Items' -RetentionAction 'DeleteAndAllowRecovery' -AddressForJournaling $null -AgeLimitForRetention '2.00:00:00' -JournalingEnabled $false -MessageFormatForJournaling 'UseTnef' -RetentionEnabled $true -LabelForJournaling '' -MessageClass '*' -MoveToDestinationFolder $null -TriggerForRetention 'WhenMoved'

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