Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OSD Task Sequence: “There are not task sequences available for this computer”

OSD Task Sequence fails with "There are no task sequences available for this computer" if multiple machines have the same SMBIOS GUID



When attempting to deploy an operating system using OSD in System Center Configuration Manager 2007, the Task Sequence may fail with the following error:

There are no task sequences available for this computer.

If you look in the SMSTS.log you may also see the following error:

No assigned task sequence.

Setting wizard error: There are no task sequences available for this computer.

The SMSTS.log may also show the SMBIOS GUID as follows:

Setting SMBIOS GUID = 4C4C4544-0000-2010-8020-80C04F202020.


Setting SMBIOS GUID = 03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009.

Note: Analyzing the Advertisement and the Collection confirms that the target computer is in the proper Collection that the Advertisement is pointing to. Deleting the computer from the SCCM database and re-adding it back to the SCCM and the Collection via the Import Computer Information wizard using the MAC address or SMBIOS GUID does not resolve the problem.


The issue can be caused by there being more than one computer in the environment with the same SMBIOS GUID (aka System UUID). Similar to MAC Addresses, SMBIOS GUIDs should be unique on each computer and no two computers should have the same SMBIOS GUID. The SMBIOS GUID is stored in the computer's BIOS. Do not confuse the SMBIOS GUID with the SMS GUID. These are two separate, different, and distinct items.

The problem occurs because when the SCCM database is queried for available Task Sequences that are advertised to that PC, it does so first by using the computers SMBIOS GUID. Each record in the SCCM database records the computers SMBIOS GUID under the field System UUID. If it does not match a record with the SMBIOS GUID, it then uses the MAC Address.

However, if multiple computers exist in the environment and are in the SCCM database with the same SMBIOS GUID, it may find the record for a PC other than the one where the Task Sequence is trying to be initiated. It will then query policy for that other PC, and if that other PC does not have a Task Sequence advertised to it, it will return back that there are no task sequences available for this computer.


To see if this problem exists in your environment, create a query or collection in SCCM based on the suspected duplicate SMBIOS GUID. If more than one computer has the same SMBIOS GUID then the problem exists in the environment and needs to be fixed at a hardware level. You will need to contact the OEM vendor for a fix.

I Have found the following to resolve the problem (If you are doing a Build and Capture):

  • Verify the Reference machine does not already exist in a computer collection (Agent was once installed, etc…)
    • If so remove it.
  • Create a collection using the SMBIOS GUID located in the SMSTS.log "Setting SMBIOS GUID".
    • System Resource
    • System UUID
    • <Guid Value>
  • Advertise your task sequence to "Unknown Computers" Collection.

Additional Information:  The SMBIOS GUID SMBIOS GUID (aka System UUID) can be found in the SMSTS.log in the line:

"Setting SMBIOS GUID = "

It can also be found by inspecting the SMSPXE.log as the PC tries to PXE boot. In addition, it can also be obtained by hitting the Pause/Break key on the keyboard on the affected PC at the PXE boot screen. The SMBIOS GUID should be displayed somewhere on that screen.

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